Mea Culpa

Women are willing to take a lot of blame for a lot of things, but the problem in these recent cases [of sexual harassment] is not that women haven’t worked hard enough or advocated well enough for ourselves

At one point, in the disagreement over sexual harassment, which occurred at the last reunion I went to, I was told that my departure from my profession in high-tech engineering was my own fault, because I “gave up too easily” and that our father would have been disappointed in me for doing so.

I “gave up too easily” — after enduring things at work that made this brother lose his shit when I just acted them out in front of him.  He specifically said I shouldn’t have communicated these things to him:  “you shouldn’t have said what you said or done what you did” — I guess because he didn’t want to know about what actually happened to me.  Day after day.  Year after year.  He couldn’t handle a description of one incident, let alone the reality of thousands.

I want to see how well he would hold up in that kind of environment.  I bet he wouldn’t make it 17 years, like I did.