The Narcissist’s Prayer

fe18f17651503c323e9a100e591e65fbI didn’t write this.  But, I did indeed get at least five of these six excuses, at one point or another.

Yet more proof that narcissists exist, that this is exactly what they do, and that it isn’t that complicated, nor is our situation so special, that no one else could possibly understand it.  It’s well understood and it’s not uncommon.

These are exactly the bullshit things that Joe & Susan said, and the bullshit that everyone else allows them to get away with.

Because they were all born and trained to believe this bullshit, to accept these excuses, instead of seeing who is really responsible for their own actions, responsible for the pain and the dysfunction, and holding them accountable.

It’s not their fault that it happened, and that it was possible, in our fucked-up family, for bullshit things like these to be said and believed.

It IS their fault and their moral failing that they refuse to re-visit the problems with adult eyes and adult understanding; refuse guidance by anyone, even professionals, outside the “real family”; refuse to accept the truth of what we all were taught by an unhealthy, mentally ill woman; and refuse to do the right thing, the healthy thing, the moral thing, which is to hold those responsible to account.

It DID happen.
It WAS that bad.
It IS a big deal.
And it IS your fault.
I have no idea whether you “meant it” or not.
But I sure as hell did NOT deserve it.