One thing that has been tough is giving up a lot of personal history.  I’ve mentioned before that I have no one with whom I can reminisce in a positive way about my childhood or my father.  And there are other bits and pieces that come up from time to time.

My love of rock music comes straight from my oldest brother.  When he lived in Minneapolis, which has a thriving music scene, he would record stuff on the radio overnight (this was probably about 30 years ago.  Cassette tapes and the radio, that was it.) and see what he came up with.

I still remember sitting in the kitchen, playing one of his “fishing” tapes for myself, and hearing “Senses Working Overtime” by XTC for the first time and being completely blown away.

And falling in love.  Up to that point, my notion of “rock music” was a lot of 70’s classics.  I had NO IDEA it could be as cool as that.

This love of music also contributed directly to my marriage.  When I first met my now-husband, he was impressed upon seeing my CD collection.  When he subsequently sent me a French pop CD as a “farewell have a nice life” present, that gift started a chain of events that has lasted over 20 years and has included going to see hundreds and hundreds of shows.  Last year, when that French pop artist toured for the first time in forever, we went to see him.  (In Brussels.  Which was awesome.)

So this music thing has been a huge part of my life, and it all started with my brother.

The same brother left a lot of books and records stored down in the basement when he moved out.  When I was bored, I’d sometimes go looking through that stuff for something interesting.  I know that’s where I found Madness’ album “Keep Moving”, another eye-opener.  British pop, not quite ska but getting close.  I still love that album.

This fall we went to see Madness.  (In Britain.  Which was also awesome.)  They only did a couple of songs from that album, but they did this one.  They have aged incredibly well and still sound exactly the same.  It was a great show, not least because we were staying at the home of some long-time online friends, who are now a part of my new family.  When we got back to their house from the show, they pulled out a bunch of snacks from their fridge (“tapas”!) and a couple of bottles of wine and the four of us stayed up until 3:00 a.m., just talking and having a great time.

It’s good to have a brother again.  He doesn’t get the New Wave music thing but at least he cycles.  🙂

I hear the sound of rain falling in my ears
Washing away the weariness like tears
I can feel my troubles running down
Disappear into the silent sound

I feel the rain falling on my face
I can say there is no better place
Than standing up in the falling down
In so much rain I could almost drown20150917_145254-0

It’s raining again
A crack in the clouds reveals blue skies
I’ve been feeling so low (low)
But now everything is on my side
The sun and the rain
Walk with me fill my heart again

Do de do do de do do do
Do de do de do de do do do